Man could I go off in here. Even though I've never really been totally into one aspect of the recreational life, I've always explored what caught my interest. With friends or by myself, getting recharged by being involved in non-vocational activities brings a whole-world experience to everything I do. My interests include travel, machinery, camping, relaxing, construction, fishing, reading, computers and other electronics, trucks, the obvious stuff like movies, dining, some sporting events, theaters, etc. and some unusual stuff like crewing for a Formula Ford auto racing team, visiting hot springs, resorts, other sites and rebuilding my house after that stupid 1994 Northridge, CA earthquake. Well it's 2008 and I'm almost done.

I've always been interested in constuction and machines. Most of the time when I'm at a construction site, hardware store or tool shop, I consider it part of the process of my artwork, research or more appropriately inspriration. I spend a lot of time looking through junk.

I'm in the middle of the Tom Moore Autosports team

Here I'm enjoying the Sorobon Beach Resort on the island of Bonaire

One view of my studio

Another view of my studio

And still another view of my studio

Here's a shot of the lizard fish that didn't get away.

Pouring bronze at CSUN.

from left:
Wayne Healy, Chris Turk, Me and Russ McMillin

from left:
Me, Russ, Wayne and Chris (my MFA buddies)

Computer central!
You should see it now.

My old little red truck.

My new little silver truck.

Me all dressed up, but...

I know it's a bad shot but it's not very often I get a chance to dress up in a tux.